Color ME Quilts

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37495 Niles Blvd   Fremont, CA 94536

New Winter Store Hours:

Wednesday- Friday:12:00-5:00
Saturday- Sunday: 10:00- 5:00
Monday- Tuesday: Closed

Our Friendly Staff are happy to help you have fun creating that special one of a kind masterpiece

Sadly, we are writing you to say, that after 5 years, 
Color Me Quilts will be closing it doors on Saturday, 
April 20, 2019. This brings an end to the creative adventure called Color Me Quilts.
Creativity and Friendship, however, never really ends, and we know that we will find inventive ways to connect with color, crafts, and each other.  It's with that knowledge that enabled us to finally make the decision to close our store. We are blessed with the faith that friends really never part, and that love and art take many forms.
We hope that your experience with Color Me Quilts has been a positive one, and, that it has helped you build a foundation upon which to celebrate each day creatively.
The Color Me Quilts Family

Bring in any gift certificates before

APRIL 20, 2019.
After that they will not longer be valid.


Store Closing 4/20/19.

Only 8 shopping days left!

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